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I'll be the first to admit I've neglected our blog recently. Things have been so busy working on the next set of updates and our whole web site re-design. Well I’m hoping to make up for this going forward by keeping you all a little more up to date with what we are working on and what to expect in future releases. I've started today with a new post on what you can expect to find in our 2013 updates which are well underway. You can in our blog here…

Towards the bottom of the blog post I've highlighted our goals for all our products going forward. I know many of you are keen to see azure support. We’ll have news on this soon.

If you read the blog post (it’s quite long sorry) you’ll notice I mention the idea of a marketplace. This is something we are working towards to help you share & download our skins, plug-ins & language packs for our products. We are also hoping the marketplace will encourage some 3rd party development allowing the community to add value to our products.

. We obviously need to get a few things in order a marketplace to work. To start the marketplace we’ll be developing a number of free plug-ins. We will also be improving our documentation and samples to help others who wish to develop plug-ins. We have lots of ideas for plug-ins but would always welcome your suggestions. We are adding a theme editor to our products to allow you to create themes and easily export them to our marketplace from within our software.

Anyhow I don’t want to spoil the surprise to much. If you have any comments or questions regarding the blog post or any of the comments posted here please don’t hesitate tor post a response here within our forums.

I look forward to posting further news soon :)
Kindest Regards,

Ryan Healey
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