InstantForum 2013-2 Released

Hi All,

I hope everyone is well. I’m delighted today to announce the release of InstantForum 2013-2. 

This update resolves a number of issues discovered since our previous release. 

We've also added IE 11 support and introduced a number of small improvements to the rich text editor and mobile skin. 

To learn how to download this update and for a complete list of all improvements & fixes please see our upgrade documentation.

So what’s new? 

Redesigned Rich Text Editor

We’ve simplified the design of the rich text editor. You’ll still find all the features that have always existed in  previous versions of InstantForum however by default now the rich text editor toolbars are hidden and have now been divided into two distinct sections. “Format” & “Insert”.  

The “Forma” button will reveal all the usual formatting options for your message. The “Insert” button will reveal all the options that allow you to add content into a post. For example “Insert Image”,  “Insert Video”, “Attach File”. 

InstantForum 2013-1 Editor (previous)

InstantForum 2013-2 Editor (new)

As you can see the new editor provides options at the bottom allowing you to display the various formatting & insert options....

Hiding the toolbars by default allow you to focus on your response or topic. Once your happy with your message content you can format this or add images through the Format or Insert options.
When you click the "Format" button you'll see the following toolbar...

When you hover over the "Insert" button the following options are revealed...

Improved Content Pasting (Word & Other Apps)

Alongside the visual redesign we've also improved many of the features within the rich text editor to ensure a more consistent and delightful posting experience across all browsers.
We've added paste detection for Microsoft Word content which will now automatically clean content you paste from word. 

This results in much cleaner HTML mark-up within your community.

We've also taken this paste detection a step further and will now automatically detect if the content you are pasting into the editor contains style information that could cause the pasted content to appear incorrectly on the web. We now detect this and will offer the option to clean your content to ensure it appears correctly. For example pasting code content from Visual Studio can add lots of addition background style information which can cause incorrect formatting of the code on the web. 

This will lead to much better results when posting code samples or content from other 3rd party applications into InstantForum. 

Webkit Table & Image Resizing

We've also added the ability now to re-size images and tables within webkit based browsers (Chrome, Safari & now Opera). Unfortunately webkit does not provide this functionality natively so it's something we've had to re-create.

Image Sizing

Table Sizing

Attachments are now uploaded in the background allowing you to continue composing your message. You no longer have to wait for attachments to upload before you can continue composing your message….

New iOS 7 Style Mobile Skin

InstantForum 2013-2 now offers a cleaner iOS 7 inspired mobile skin. This replaces the previous iOS 6 style skin offered in InstantForum 2013-1.  You can see some screen grabs below or try our live mobile demo

IE 11 Support

The InstantForum 2013-2 update also introduces IE 11 support within the rich text editor. 

But wait, there's more

These are just some of the main improvements in our latest release. For a complete list of all improvements and fixes in this release please consult ourupgrade documentation

Thank You

Thank you as always to all our lovely customers who have helped us identify issues since our 2013-1 release. A very special thank you to Gavin, Sean, David, Michel & Amd for your help testing this release. 
We sincerely hope you enjoy the updates & improvements in this release and we look forward to bringing you further updates in the future. As always if we can assist with any upgrade questions please don’t hesitate to contact us or open a support ticket. We would be delighted to help. 

P.S. Please stay tuned for news on our InstantKB 2014 release. We are hard at work on this major update and I expect to have some news to share with you very soon. 


Try the InstantForum 2013-2 live web demo
Try the InstantForum 2013-2 live mobile demo
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Kindest Regards,

Ryan Healey
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