InstantKB 2014 Active Directory redirecting to invalid URL

I'm using InstantKB 2014 with the AD module. After you login at https://[domain]/winlogin/winlogin.aspx, I get a 404 error that /winlogin/default.aspx does not exist. Is it possible for me to fix this so it will redirect to https://[domain]/default.aspx instead of https://[domain]/winlogin/default.aspx?

If not, can you fix and publish and update?

Thank you,
Active Directory

Hi Marc,

Great to hear from you. Thank you for posting within the forums. I hope your well.

Please find attached at the bottom of this message an update to our InstantASP.LDAP.dll that will achieve the behaviour you require.  To deploy this update please take a back-up of your current InstantASP.LDAP.dll found within the InstantKB "Bin" folder. Next copy the attached InstantASP.LDAP.dll into your InstantKB Bin folder. Overwrite the existing DLL. 

Also to ensure all anonymous requests are redirected through WinLogin/WinLogin.aspx please add the following event to your Global.asax.vb file found within the root of your InstantKB installation. You can open this file with NotePad and add this event...

Protected Sub Application_BeginRequest(sender As Object, e As System.EventArgs)
   Dim app As HttpApplication = TryCast(sender, HttpApplication)       
   Dim doCheck As HttpCookie = _
   Dim strURL As String = app.Request.RawUrl.ToString
   If Not strURL.ToLower.Contains("winlogin.aspx") And Not _
app.Request.IsAuthenticated Then
    If doCheck Is Nothing Then
      InstantASP.Common.HttpUtility.Cookies.UpdateCookie("doCheck", "true")
      Response.Redirect("WinLogin/WinLogin.aspx?ReturnurL=" + strURL)     
    End If
   End If
End Sub

As you can see this will pass the originally requested URL into WinLogin.aspx. Once the windows authentication code has executed the user will be brought back to the ReturnURL passed into WinLogin.aspx. 

I hope this helps Marc. If I can assist further don't hesitate to respond,
Kindest Regards,

Ryan Healey
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