Community Forums Update (InstantForum 2016-3 BETA)

Hi All,

I hope everyone is well. Some exciting news - at least for me anyway :)

We've just gone live with a brand new design here within our own community forums. If your reading this post your looking at the new design right now.

Our latest update is based on our forthcoming InstantForum 2016-3 release expected in the coming weeks. We are still seeking feedback if we should replace our classic skin with the new design. Regardless we'll offer this new design as a separate skin within the InstantForum 2016-3 download. 

Our goals for this new design were simple...

1. Cleaner, simple topic view

We've removed all controls (labels, buttons etc) we deemed unnecessary when reading topics. We want to emphasis the contents of the post and remove much of the clutter we feel has built up. For example it's not really necessary when reading a post to know how many posts the author has made or when they last logged in. This information is all still available however it's hidden behind the user card that is revealed when you hover over a users photo align side each post.

2. Promote the Like / Vote buttons

We've restructured the topic UI to further promote the like / vote button that appears alongside each post. . Of course we want to make it super easy for forum members to like or vote up posts.

We've also removed the "Views" column when viewing a list of topics and replaced this with the "Votes" column introduced in InstantForum 2016. We feel it's more important to know how many votes or likes a post has received as opposed to the number of views.

3. Streamline post & user moderation

We've streamlined the moderation options available within a topic. When viewing a topic the moderation options for the topic will appear below the first post or main topic as opposed to appearing at the very bottom of the first page.

In addition user moderation, reply moderation & editing options have all been consolidated into a single area to the upper right of each post.

Other Changes

As part of this update we are also in the process of archiving old posts and restructuring our forums to remove out of date content and promote newer content.

We are also resetting all anonymous likes. Some of the most liked posts have long been resolved and we want to use the like system built into InstantForum to learn what new discussions, bugs or features we should be focused on. If you've encountered this problem within your own InstantForum community don't hear - our forthcoming InstantForum 2016-3 update introduces a new set of tools to help you manage likes which we are using for to perform this reset. This will be available for download in the coming weeks.

I just wanted to post this update to inform you all of the changes being made here within our own forums. If you can't find old posts or your reputation level has been reduced this is likely due to the work described here.

As always if I can assist with any questions please don't hesitate to respond.
Kindest Regards,

Ryan Healey
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