Default "Notify me of replies to this post" to unchecked

Is there any way to default "Notify me of replies to this post" to not checked?

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Thank you so much for your post. I hope you're well. Unfortunately changing this in the current 2016-2 release will require a small code change - this can't be done via the markup. We have of course recognized this flaw and added a permission set option within our forthcoming 2017 update which allows you to toggle this. 2017 will be ready at some point in April - we've been busy on this for the last few months and are finally getting close :)

In the meantime to help you resolve this could I ask you send a quick email to with a link to this forum thread. I'll ensure we respond with the update and include instructions on how to deploy this. I apologize this is not an easy change at the moment but of course we will happily help you resolve this with your current version.I look forward to hearing from you and assisting further via email,
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Ryan Healey
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Will do. Thanks.

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