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One of the things we struggle with in our use of the forums is that people discuss and ask questions about versions of products. For example, in this forum, there are 2017, 2016-1, 2015-2, etc. versions of InstantForum that someone might have a question or suggestion about. It would be great to allow a tag(s) for a topic that could be used to help people understand where to answer.

It's similar to the "type" above, but certainly some questions might pertain to multiple versions. Over the years we've found tags to be better than categories.

If you add this, maybe have a way to "suggest" tags for people, perhaps off to the side or below this box, to the right of the "notify" and "post" items.

Steve Jones
InstantForum Suggestion

Thanks for your suggestions Steve. I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to post and share your ideas. 

The interface when searching for tags, selecting tags and deleting tags will be updated very soon. We recently released InstantKB 2018 and extended our Ignition UI framework to include several new controls. We have a new UI component we call a "tagit" control. This provides auto suggestions as you type and allows you to add suggestions as individual items into a list. We use this when sending a support ticket within InstantKB to allow you select multiple contacts. You can see this below...

This control is developed in such a way we can easily reuse this within InstantForum to provide similar functionality for selecting tags. As both InstantForum & InstantKB share our Ignition UI the recent improves made within InstantKB 2018 will be carried over within the next InstantForum update.

We have a really nice client side API for all Ignition UI controls so can easily add items to the tagit control dynamically to possibly suggest tags as you compose your message. With the tagit control we can also specify if selections must be unique or the maximum number of entries a user can select. 

Hopefully you'll agree this is a better UI than the current regular text box with tags separated by a comma. 

Improvements will be coming here Steve and I'll ensure we reference this topic when improving this functionality. 

If I can assist further of course please don't hesitate to respond. I'll reply to your other messages as quickly as possible :)
Kindest Regards,

Ryan Healey
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Thanks, and that looks good. Having some suggested tags is a good idea.

Looking forward to the 2018 version.

Steve Jones

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