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we have a new project on the horizon and it needs a forum module. Rather than reinvent the wheel, we have looked at your InstantForum product with a view to integrating this into a new MVC project or possible a .NET Core MVC project. The only show stopper is that we are not keen on using ASP.NET forms authentication for the single sign-on aspect of this project. I noticed that your website is stating that you are working on a .NET Core version of the forum, how is this coming along and do you have any timescales for release e.g. is it going to be this year?


MC Welk

InstantForum Question

Hi There,

Thank you so much for your post.

We are indeed working on a .NET core version of both InstantForum and InstantKB. We are super excited about this new release but it's a little to early to share too much just yet. Over the last year we've put together a very flexible modular architecture for our .NET core version and the forum aspect will simply be a module within our larger .NET core offering. We'll be bringing both the forum and kb together into this new .NET core version.

InstantForum will be the first module and we are expecting this to be available later this year. 

Internally this next version is currently codenamed "Plato". You can see an example of our solution below...

I'm afraid the GitHub repo is not public however we'll happily invite you if you use GitHub. 

Our .NET core version offers a completely dynamic user interface and additional functionality based on the features or modules you have enabled.  For example services like will simply be an optional module within our .NET version which you can choose to enable or disable. You can see below the current screen showing how to manage features within Plato...

Even the Manage Features screen you see above is a module within Plato. All the navigation you see on the left and within the top right is built up depending on the modules you have installed. 

We've implemented a dynamic layout system (all MVC) which modules can interact with to build up the user interface or add additional features into the user interface. For example modules can add new setting pages, navigation items or entire new areas into both the front-end and administrator control panels. 

Going forward our goal would be to introduce new functionality both minor and major via modules within our new .NET core version. Again a discussions module with migration options from InstantForum is our current priority however we'll also be adding a knowledgebase style module and who knows after this :)

I look forward to sharing further news very soon. If you have any questions with regards to what I've mentioned above or would like an invite to the GitHub repo of course please don't hesitate to respond.
Kindest Regards,

Ryan Healey
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Hi Ryan,

this looks great and just what we are looking for, thanks for the update.

I'd love to take a look at the repo it looks to be well structured, my user profile is

Best regards

Many thanks. Just to confirm I've sent the invite. I look forward to sharing further news on our .NET core version very soon. If I can assist further in the meantime of course please don't hesitate to respond.
Kindest Regards,

Ryan Healey
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I have received your invite, thanks again Ryan. I have some free time available at the end of the week so I'll download the project and check it out.


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