InstantForum and InstantKBshare database?

I would like to integrate authentication for both InstantForum and InstantKB into a custom web application. I have InstantForum integrated into my application already: I can register new users and pass login information from my app to InstantForum.
But because InstantForum and InstantKB seem to have different database structures, I don't exactly see how the two could share a user table.

How would I go about sharing the user table for InstantForum and InstantKB, or how would I alter one of them to accommodate my needs?

I assume there is still no way that this could be done?

It would be nice if these two products integrated with each other to allow users to be shared between the applications?


Hi David,

Welcome to the forums :)

Hope your very well. I trued you received my response via the ticketing system. I hope the sample proves helpful.

Don't hesitate to respond to the ticket if i can assist further,
Kindest Regards,

Ryan Healey
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