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I see that there are "submitticket" and ticket management files in KB 2.0.3, how do I enable this functionality. I am still looking for a method for end users to ask questions or even better, open tickets in the KB.


Simon Fitz-Gerald
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Ticketing was pulled from the initial realease of the KB, and will be implemented in a future version, at present I have no more detail than that on the feature, but we'll do our best to keep you well informed.

Kindest Regards,

James Trott

Is this feature back now? I really want to upgrade our KB1.3 to KB2.x but need the Submit Tickets/Ask a Question functionality.

I thought about using InstantForum for questions (which we've also purchased), but then there's the whole Single-Sign-On can of worms. :crazy:

We’ve gone on holiday by mistake! Are you the farmer?

Hi Flow, no this feature is not back *yet* we've only made incremental-releases to resolve issues, ticketing is planned for future implementation, but at present I have no more details on this.

Kindest Regards,

James Trott

I agree and I wanted to post this to show the interest in this feature. We need normal users to be able to post information.

I`m also interested about this module. Anyone have idea if this will be included soon?

andrewy (28/01/2010)
I`m also interested about this module. Anyone have idea if this will be included soon?

We are aiming to have ticketing & email gateway support for InstantKB 2010 expected this year.

If we can assist with any further questions please don't hesitate to respond,

UPDATE: Both web based ticketing and email ticketing has been added to newer versions of InstantKB. We will now close this topic. Thank you all for your suggestions.
Kindest Regards,

Ryan Healey
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