Are there wildcards for searches?

Does InstantKB.Net 2.x have wildcard characters for searches?

For example, If I searched for * (or whatever the wildcard character is), the results would contain all KB's. Or, if I search for *ware* or %ware%, the results would show KB's that contain "hardware", "software", etc.

When I try to search for % or $ or * in InstantKB's online demo, it crashes.

Wildcard searching is certainly supported, the demo has full text searching disabled as it refreshes intermittantly to provide a new clean demo, and clearing the catalogues is not so easily done at those intervals, this may be the problem with the demo, although I shall pass on a report incase this is not the case so we can look into that.

Kindest Regards,

James Trott

We used the % as wildcard in our copy of IKB 2.0.6 and it works extremely well.  

If anyone else has used SQL expressions or boolean stuff in their copies of IKB 2.x I would love to hear of it.

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