Admin/Staff Interface - Use checkboxes

List/Menus interface is going to cause all sorts of client problems when selecting categories/member groups/etc. Making one selection removes all other selections. Unless the staff/admin person knows exactly what the previous selections were, highly unlikely, they will fail to reset the selections correctly.

Better to have check boxes. We have 68 member groups and anticipate over 250 categories, scrolling up and down a list/menu just isn't going to work.

Checkboxes are cluttered especially in large numbers, UI research shows that users are comfortable with list menu's combined with keystrokes for quick finding. I've sat on review boards for several private focus groups for UI design and whilst I accept that their are pottential areas for improvement, I don't think checkboxes are it. Thanks for the feedback all the same, its great to have different perspectives to base future decisions on.

Kindest Regards,

James Trott

UI research is always interesting but it tends to be kinda useless. Depends too much on user group, other navigational elements present, content context and other variable.

I've been developing UIs for several decades and know that this is a pet peeve of users. Even though the tree control with checkboxes used on the advanced search page has some accessibility problems, it has a far greater usability benefit.

It w/b better assume admin users would have the same preferences for interacting with categories as public users accessing Advanced Search

Christie Mason

PS This is very odd but the scrollbar isn't the full length of the text box in FF3.5. I can only view 3 lines at a time.
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