A problem occurred...you don't have any available free space left to upload files

Got this message while trying to upload a 908 KB file attached to a article, we are storing the attachments to the MSSQL DB and there is plenty of space available and located to it.... ideas?

I'm not 100%, but at a guess you have set the storage limit to every user low (the default is only 50mb)



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Hey thanks alot for the info that did the trick !!


No problems.


Hello - we are gearing up for a deployment of InstantKB and I wonder if you could help me by clarifying a previous post of yours in this thread.   What is meant by 'the storage limit to every user' with the default of 50MB?  Does this mean that any given user cannot upload a file greater than 50MB or does it mean that the total storage used by all attachments stored in the SQL db from all users can't be greater than 50MB?  Or something else?  I am trying to sort this one out.   It would seem to me if you have the SQL storage space available you should be able to store as many attachments as you might need in the db so long as you have the storage.  Is there actually a limit, or not?  Please help - any information is appreciated, thanks!

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