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I'm trying to test a file download using a link to external download.  The download link does not appear.  The only way I can get the download link to appear is if I upload the file to the site.  How do I make external download links appear?

Hi Paul, you should just be able to link to the file directly via hyperlink, using the link button in the editor and entering the full URL to the file should work perfectly.

Kindest Regards,

James Trott

I think there must be some misunderstanding.  This is what I'm looking to figure out:


I should see two links here, but only the file which was uploded to the KB server is shown.  Where is the extenal link?

Hi Paul,

Files uploaded to the system are stored within the database for security and are hence downloadable from the application only, and not externally linkable. If you select the file download, you will likely get an application download link, indicating the application is providing it from the database. However, I am unsure whether external download links are added to the database at all, or whether the file simply stays where it is and the application redirect's you to the external file, this can be discovered by right clicking on the link and checking the direct URL, if it goes to a local URL to your application, it is coming from within the database.

I hope this helps paul,

Kindest Regards,

James Trott

The only link that shows up in the download article is the "upload" one.  The "external" one is nowhere to be found on the article.  Perhaps I should have used different file names to better illustrate this - I changed the external download link.


I'm not expecting the actual file from the external downlaod link to be saved with the article, but I do expect a link to that file to appear so that users can download it for the external source.  Otherwise what was the point of entering this data in the "Link to External Download" field?


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