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Hello everyone,

I used the search feature but was not able to find the answer I was looking for so I thought I would make a new post.

We are using the KB version 2.0.4

When I go to a standard web page in IE I am able to select text and images and then paste them into the body of a KB without issue.

When I try to do this with word, it puts in blank pictures (same dimension as the original just blank).

I have tried also taking the word document, then saving it as a .htm and then opening that with IE, then copy/pasting but I still am always notified it is formated as a word document and the pictures don't show up.

Anyone know of a work around or a way to scrub the formating so I can just copy/paste?

We basically have several word document articles with images and would love to be able to convert them to KB articles without all the uploading or inserting.

InstantKB Question

Hi Moogy,

Hope your very well. Sorry for our delay. Some great questions.

We do feel your pain and are working on several ideas to ease the importing of multiple word documents. Currently with 2.0.x you will need to save the images within your word document locally and upload these using the Image Manager within the editor. The images need to exist on the web for others to see them.

We are looking at VSTO and have developed a simple word add-on that will manage converting a word document from your local harddrive up to the web server however we do still need to work on the upload process for local images.

OpenXML (.docx/zip format) makes this easier but we don't want to exclude binary .doc files.

We are also lookig at providing support for the MetaBlogAPI so you can use tools such as Windows Live Writer to create your content locally and push this into InstantKB.NET. Please be assured we are aware of this and plan to develop features to improve this in future updates. I'm sorry we do't have an alternative solution at the moment.

If we can assist further please don't hesitate to respond,

Kindest Regards,

Ryan Healey

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Hi Ryan,

Thanks for the reply. Sounds great on the future plans, I will make sure to keep an eye out for development updates.

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