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Hey folks,

I'm trying to make some changes to how images are inserted into the WYSIWYG editor.  Basically, I'd like to be able to have an uploaded image generate a thumbnail to view that can be clicked through to a larger version of the image.

I've got the image generation figured out, but getting the code into the WYSIWYG editor has been the confusing part.  I've traced down to this method:

InstantASP.InstantForum.UI.UploadImageIframe.vb - UpdateRichTextBox

I've poked around the js/richtextbox.js file, but JavaScript is far from my strong suit. I've gotten a bit lost.  I can't seem to figure out where to modify how code is generated.

Al Bsharah: Twitter / Blog

Could really use some help on this one...

Al Bsharah: Twitter / Blog

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