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You can only view articles marked Private if you have a Staff account or better. If you have a Staff account or better, you can add articles. I want to allow internal users in Engineering and Support to view articles marked Private (e.g., articles I've added in preparation for a software release), but do not want them to edit or add articles. I've played around with permissions and can't figure out how to do that.
InstantKB Question

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Thank you for your post. Welcome to the forum :)

I would suggest making your articles "Public" however create a new member group called "Engineering and Support" to control access to your articles.

Ensure you associate your articles only with the "Engineering and Support" group.

Any users who belong to the "Engineering and Support" member group will then be able to see articles also associated with this member group. As they are not a member of a staff member group they won't be able to edit or update articles however the articles will appear in the knowledgebase front-end for viewing.

Please let me know if this suggestion would work for you :)
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Ryan Healey
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