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I have an interesting question regarding to your InstantKB 2.0.3. Is there any way how to set up CSS style for all our articles we create? Our marketing department came with new corporate design and we would like to use a specific set of styles in all our articles. We want to make sure all our people will use the same fonts, sizes etc. so we thought there could be any way of CSS modifications:)

Thank you for the answer.

InstantKB Question

Hi Jan,

Thank you for your post. Welcome to our forums. This is very possible.

You can define CSS elements that can be used from within the WYSIWYG editor when creating or editing articles.

I've highlighted this below...

To add your own CSS classes to this drop down list you'll need to edit the following file...


This will allow you to modify how elements within your articles are styled through a single file.

I hope this helps. Please don't hesitate to respond if we can assist further,

Kindest Regards,

Ryan Healey

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Hello Ryan,

thank you for the answer. This is exactly what I need:)


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