Error updating category when propagate groups is checked

Hi Guys,

We are evaluating InstantKB2011 with all intention to proceed to purchase very soon.

We are finding that when we try to edit a category, and we check the "Propagate groups to all child articles" checkbox, we get the "Server encountered an Unexpected Error" message. If we leave the "Propagate groups to all child articles" checkbox unchecked, we have no problem at all.

It is preferable that we are able to use the "Propagate groups to all child articles" functionality to save administration time.I am in: Home (Staff CP) > Knowledgebase > Manage Categories > Edit Category page.Our page name: StaffEditCategory22-1.aspx Our virtual path: /InstantKB2011/Staff/StaffEditCategory22-1.aspxInteresting section from the error page:

Exception Type: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlExceptionException Message: Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'DESC'.Exception Source: .Net SqlClient Data ProviderException Target Site: OnError Other functionality, at this stage, seems to be working ok. Although we have not yet checked everything.

Windows 2008 Server - 64-bit.
SQL Server 2005.

Any help would be appreciated.S
InstantKB Problem

Hi Shane,

Thank you for your post. I'm sorry to hear of the trouble. Sorry for my delay responding here.

I just wanted to confirm this is an issue with InstantKB.NET 2011. We have since resolved this for the forthcoming 2011-1 update.

To help you resolve this now you can apply the updated DLLs within the attachment below. Please ensure you make a backup of your current DLL files just in case you run into any problems and need to revert.

If we can assist with anything further Shane please don't hesitate to respond. For the quickest possible response times please open a support ticket.
Kindest Regards,

Ryan Healey
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