Add image dynamically based on same count


Suppose I have 5 check boxes. Based on number of check box checked I have to add image and hyper-link to images. (i.e if I have checked 2 check box I have to load only 2 image and link to those 2 loaded images, in-case of 3 check box checked, 3 images needs to be loaded and link to those 3 loaded images).

Is there any possible way that i can do that in using c#?


Yes there is one way which i think will help you Divya, so try this:

If you want to display images or hide right after you select or deselect a check box you need to set the AutoPostBack attribute of the checkboxes controls (or checkboxlist control) to true.

And in the respective OnSelectedIndexChanged event (or the Button1_Click event if that's the case) you simply change the images Visible property to true or false depeding on the options selected.

Also, if you want the user experience to be smoother you may embedd your images markup inside an UpdatePanel and call:



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