Submitting support tickets within InstantKB on iPad

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Has anyone tried to post a ticket to on an IPad?

I can't add anything in the textbox. Is that a bug?  
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Hi Maofish,

Hope your very well. Thanks for your post. 

We are aware of this problem. It's due to the rich text editor in the current 2010 release. The good news is that this will be resolved very soon with our 2012 update. We'l be introducing a mobile / tablet specific skin depending on your device which will resolve this. If you visit our community on your iPad here at you should see a version of this skin. I would be interested to learn if you automatically see the mobile skin on the new iPad 2. 

We do of course also have a number of other improvements coming with our 2012 update and I'll be posting further information soon. We've now introduced user achievements and have greatly improved the reputation system. You can now also like topics or posts, mark replies as answers, rate every post (not just topics) and of course this ties into the new reputation system. You can of course configure exactly how this works and if you want to enable this functionality with the Admin CP. We've also made lots of improvements in general to the UI and have worked to ensure this is touch friendly. 

I'll be posting more information on 2012 very soon and are currently expecting a BETA early October. 

If you would like to receive an email the moment the beta is available please send me a quick message on and i'll ensure your added. I look forward to hearing from you, 

EDIT: This has since been resolved so this topic has been closed. If we can assist with a similar issue within a newer version of our software please start a new topic.
Kindest Regards,

Ryan Healey
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Ok. I see. There is no workaround for current version? Is that correct?  

Thank for your hard working.  


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