InstantForum 2012 Improved User Reputation

We've rewritten the reputation system completely for InstantForum 2012. Previously InstantForum featured a fairly simple reputation system which didn't serve the purpose of actually reflecting your reputation base don all the activities within the forum. This was previously simply linked to your post count.

With InstantForum 2012 you'll not only earn reputation for posting within the forums but you'll also earn reputation for over 20 other activities within InstantForum. For example if someone likes a post you've made or one of your posts receive a 5 star rating you'll be awarded a certain number of reputation points.

As an administrator you can of course define the number of points awarded for each action within the forum.

Reputation can also work the other way of course. For example if one of your posts receive a 1 star rating you can be awarded negative reputation. The goal is to incentivize  users to post helpful content. As others like the topics or replies you've made you'll earn reputation without even logging into InstantForum. Obviously the more your user participate in your community the quicker they will gain reputation.

We've of course developed mechanisms to stop users from gaming the system and inflating their reputation.
We will award negative reputation if you undo an action that previously awarded positive reputation . For example if you like a post as the user who liked a post you'll be awarded +1 reputation point and the original author of the post you liked will be awarded +2reputation points. If you then choose to unlike the post you'll receive -1 reputation points and the original post author will receive -2 reputation points.

These measures are in place to help ensure that reputation remains an accurate representation of your genuine reputation within the forum based on posts you've made, likes you've received, answers you've posted, ratings you've received etc.

You can view reputation rewarded to users from the new reputation view within each user profile…

Reputation points are also tied into our "Reputation Levels". This works a little like an XP bar and provides a quick visual way to show off your standing within the community. As your reputation increases the reputation bar will fill up to reflect your increased reputation.

Reputation levels have existed for some time within InstantForum.NET (previously known as member levels) however the improvements to how you earn reputation in the 2012 update makes the visual reputation bar a quick and easy way to identify a posters reputation within the forum.

You can take a closer look at the new reputation system in action in our early community preview of 2012 at...
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