InstantForum 2012 Introduces Facebook Login

You can now login to InstantForum.NET 2012 using your existing Facebook login. If enabled you'll find a facebook login option on our login page...

This will open the standard facebook login dialogg...

When users login via Facebook InstantForum.NET will automatically obtain your Facebook name and profile photo. This save you having to enter your name again or uploading a personal profile photo again.

Setting up the Facebook login is a very simple process for administrators. You'll need to create a Facebook application via the Facebook Developer site. This will generate a new Facebook Application ID. You'll then simply need to copy your Facebook Application ID into the new Facebook settings area within the InstantForum.NET Admin CP > Settings > Login & Registration Settings page.

With this addition InstantForum.NET 2012 now allows you to login via Facebook, Twitter, Google, AOL, Yahoo & any OpenID provider of your choice. You can of course disable these login options if your running Instantforum.NET internally and wish to mange user authentication.
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Ryan Healey
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