InstantForum 2012 Active Directory Module Released

Hi All,

I hope everyone is well. I'm delighted to announce today the release of our InstantForum  2012 Active Directory Module. This update will now allow users running InstantForum 2010 with an Active Directory environment to upgrade to the latest InstantForum.NET 2012 release.

We've also made a number of improvements & bug fixes to our 2012 Active Directory Module. These include:-


Automated Account Creation & Login - With InstantForum 2010 you had to register within InstantForum and provide your Active Directory credentials so we could map a forum account to your active directory login. With our 2012 update if you enable integrated windows authentication this is no longer required. If your already authenticated on your domain InstantForum will now automatically create a forum account for you and pair this with your current active directory login. It will then login you in and redirect to the homepage.

Enhanced error handling - We've learnt all Active Directory installations are unique and often require trouble shooting during configuration to ensure everything is working correctly. To help identify where problems are occurring during configuration we've added a flag to the web.config file that will now display additional debug information during configuration.

Improved Messaging - We've added messages directly into the InstantForum.NET interface to help you configure our Active Directory module once installed.

Bug Fixes

Fixed issues with Active Directory labels not showing within Admin CP > Manage Members Edit Profile page.
Fixed issue with labels referring to InstantKB

This update is free to all existing InstantForum 2010 Active Directory customers who upgrade to the latest InstantForum 2012 release. You may need to purchase a InstantForum 2012 upgrade depending on your purchase date or support subscription. If you would like to discuss your upgrade options please don't hesitate to email or use our feedback form.

We hope you enjoy this update. Thank you to Chris, Antonio & Derek for your assistance during testing.

We look forward to posting further information with regards to our InstantKB 2012 upgrade soon :)
Kindest Regards,

Ryan Healey
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