Where are uploaded images physically stored

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We have InstantKB 2.0.6 installed on a server farm. The problem that we're encountering is that whenever a publisher uploads an image and inserts it into an article, the image is sometimes not viewable in the article. This happens when a publisher is directed to server #1 and uploads the image there, and a regular user that's redirected on server #2 can't see the image on the article.

I was looking at the Image manager and I thought that images are physically stored in the /Uploads/Images folder. However, when I look at the virtual folder itself, I don't see the image file there.

Where are uploaded images physically stored in InstantKB?
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With InstantKB 2.0.6 images inserted into articles are stored on the web servers hard disk in the Uploads/Images folder off the root of your InstantKB installation folder.

To ensure images can be shared in a web farm environment you would need to create a central folder that will be used for all uploads from any instance of InstantKB.

To do this...

1. Copy the Uplaods folder from the root of your InstantKB.NET installation folder to a central file server. This file server would typically be a machine on the same network as your web servers. This would be accessible through a UNC name. For example \\fileserver\Uploads

Or you could designate one of your web servers as the file server if you don't have a dedicated machine for this.

2. Rename the Uploads folder within the root of each instance of InstantKB.NET. Call this for example UploadsOld. We need to rename this as we will be adding a virtual directory called Uploads to our central shared uploads folder for each instance.
3. Open IIS and add virtual directories to the root of your InstantKB.NET web application. You should name the virtual directory "Uploads". Point this to your central uploads folder for example \\fileserver\Uploads or \\webserver1\uploads\

No other configuration should be needed within IIs however you may need to configure impersonation to ensure the web severs can write files to your central file server. This would require you create a unique windows user account on all servers involved in the upload process with identical usernames and passwords.

Ensure this unique account on your file server can write and modify files in the Uploads folder. Then ensure each instance of InstantKB  is running under this user account through the impersonation tag within the web.condig....

<identity impersonate="true" userName="accountname" password="password" />

This will ensure each instance of InstantKB can write to your central network share.

Once set-up you'll notice images, media or templates uploaded through the editor appear within the Uploads folder on your central file server. As you have a virtual directory in each instance of IIS pointing to this central uploads folder called "Uploads" requests from server A, B or C would pull the image from the central uploads folder ensuring images are always shown regardless of which server served the request.

I hope this helps point you in the right direction. If I can assist further please don't hesitate to respond here or email me directly on ryan@instantasp.co.uk for the quickest response,

Kindest Regards,

Ryan Healey

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