HTML Code Appearing within InstantForum posts

InstantForum Problem

HTML code such as &nbsp is appearing in some posts in our forum. Is there a setting that will ignore the erroneous code like this when a user submits a post?

Thank You
InstantForum Problem

Hi Gsylvia,

I hope your well. Whilst we've not responded here I wanted to assure you we've seen your comments. We are currently working on our next major forum update which will contain a number of significant improvements to the rich text editor. Part of this work will be to improve the HTML produced by the editor and ensure unnecessary mark-up such as non breaking spaces are removed.

For now you could resolve this by modifying our richtextbox.js file within the js folder.

Locate the following method...

InstantASPRichTextBox.prototype.cleanHTML = function(s) {

Ensure the following replace statement is present...

s = s.replace(/ +/g, " "); 

I hope this helps.
Kindest Regards,

Ryan Healey
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