A problem with Globalization?

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I've recently downloaded and installed the InstantForum 2012 product.

while investigating its' application and relevence to my company, I've noticed that when I change the language to another language pack (even the arabic one you've uploaded in you documentation), only part of the forum is translated to the new language! many of the headers and quite a few other places still refer to the english language pack.

I've even tried "going commando" and just unzip the contents of the download to my wwwroot, changing the connection string and creating the website, but after adding your arabic language pack, it still translates only part of the forum!

Is there something I'm doing wrong?


InstantForum Question

Hi Roey,

I hope your very well. Thank you for your post and welcome to our forums.

I'm afraid our Arabic language pack was developed by a community member and so is not fully translated. It's certainly possible to fix the words that have not been translated if your happy to modify these via Notepad or similar text editor.

We would be happy to make these changes for you however we don't speak Arabic so would need to fall back on a rough translation. Please email me directly on ryan@instantasp.co.uk if this would be helpful so we can communicate via email and we'll respond once we have a more complete translated language pack.

If you have the expertise in house we would be delighted to work with you to help translate the missing words.

I look forward to your response and assisting further,

Kindest Regards,

Ryan Healey

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Hi Ryan,

thanks for your quick response!

the arabic language pack is just an example I used bexause it was on tour website, I actually need it to be in hebrew, and arabic looked like a good proximity to test the globalization option...

The problem is not with the translation files themselves, but with their effect on the Instantforum 2012 I've downloaded. I've taken some terms and phrases that are in the main navigation panel, like "Admin CP" and "calendar" and although the arabic language pack contains their translation (under "MainNavigation_" in Resources.xml), they still appear in english.

I've double checked to make sure this is the right term by changing the matching term in the english resource.XML file and watching the navigation panel change according to my translation. Since I'd like to maintain two languages (English and Hebrew) on this forum, changing the default english version to hebrew is not an option.

I'd really appreciate your help,



it has been a week and no answer yet...

I need to know if there's something I'm doing wrong or if it's simply not possible to maintain headers in both english and hebrew with this system. Did anyone else manage to accomplish such a feat? Or is there some sort of bug that makes the system revert to its' native english translation file?

Any help would be appreciated!

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