Is it possible to disable a user within InstantForum?

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Is there an easy way to "disable" a Forum user? I don't see any sort of active/inactive flag in either the Admin CP or any of the related DB tables, so perhaps this is done another way? I'm looking for the ability to temporarily disable users from logging into the Forum, and then re-enable them at a later date. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thx!
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If you delete the account you lose all of the persons messages. If you don't want them to be able to log in you can change their password or you can add them to the banned users which will prevent them from posting messages. One thing we've done is to change the persons user name & password.
8 Years Ago by Eddy Lucast

Hi Crubano,

Thank you for your post and welcome to our forum.

If you ban the member this will add there IP address to our banned IP list - you can manage this from the Admin CP > Members > Banned IP Addresses page or edit the entires directly in the database within the InstantForum_BannedIPAddresses table.

This prevents users from that IP logging in or creating new accounts from the same IP address.

Another option would be to simply update the users primary member group to our "Banned" member group. This member group is associated with our "Banned Members" permission set. You can tweak this permission set to limit access to functionality within the forum for users within this group.

You could also choose to make the banned member group a hidden group within InstantForum.NET. This group will never appear on the front-end and users within this group won't be displayed within the member list. To hide a member group you'll need to visit the Admin CP > Members & Groups > Manage Member Groups page.

From here edit the "Banned Members" member group and ensure the "Show Member Group?" option is set to "No". Also within the Admin CP > Manage Settings > Forum Settings. Locate the "Allow Hidden Roles" option and ensure this is set to "Yes". If this option is set to No you won't be able to hide a member group from the Edit Member Group page.

We are looking at temporary ban options, IP range / subnet bans and geographical bans for future updates. I hope the above information helps. If we can assist further please don't hesitate to respond here or email me directly on
Kindest Regards,

Ryan Healey
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Thx Ryan for you detailed reply. As you might have guessed, I was looking for a enabled/disabled flag that would keep a user from logging in. I'll try adding the user to a Group with very restricted privileges instead.


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