Is there a fix allowing export of PDFs with poorly formed XHTML?

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We are tunning KB 2.06. We've had issues where articles with poorly formed XHTML - often in cases where an article had been pasted from Word - cannot be exported as a PDF. For this reason, we did not extend this functionality to clients. Is there a fix for this in newer versions of KB, in other words, can the export to PDF function gracefully handle cases where the XHTML for an article is not well formed?
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Hi Alex,

I hope your very well. Great question.

I'm afraid the PDF parser is still quite strict in our 2011 update and requires valid XHTML to be able to convert the HTML to a PDF document. We are working to make this more lenient for the next major update and support more loosey typed HTML, for example when you paste in from word.

I'm sorry we don't have a fix right away. Your not the only one to notice this. This is very high on our list.

We are going through some changes with InstantKB.NET currently and
separating our new ticketing functionality into a new product. After this is complete we'll have a major InstantKB.NET update to resolve this issue.

I know we did quite a few customizations for you Alex. I'll ensure we make a note of any changes we make to improve the PDf export so they can be applied to your modified version.

If I can assist further of course don't hesitate to respond,
Kindest Regards,

Ryan Healey
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Hi Ryan,

Do you know if there has been any progress with the PDF parser issue?

The reason I ask is we've got a few documents that we are getting this message on.  

We can work around it and print to PDF, but it would be nice to use the inbuilt functionality?

Thank you


Hi David,

Great to hear from you. Thank you for your post.

We have made progress with this issue and things should be much better for new articles created or pasted within InstantKB 2015 and above. We improved this with InstantKB 2015 but it will only work for new articles created within InstantKB 2015. 

If your testing with a migrated article from an earlier version of InstantKB you may still see this issue even within InstantKB 2015. 

You can find further information to help troubleshoot articles and a complete description of why this happens here.

If your using InstantKB 2015 and wish to resolve existing migrated articles from earlier version of InstantKB it's possible to have InstantKB re-parse these articles to hopefully ensure they will export correctly as a PDF. 

 I would suggest editing the migrated article within the InstantKB 2015 Agent CP. Cut the entire contents of your article within the "Design" view of the editor. Place your cursor within the editor and hit CTRL+A to select all. Then press CTRL+X to cut the entire consents of the article into your clipboard. This should leave you with an empty editor. Now paste your article back into the editor using CTRL+V to re-parse. Depending on the contents of your article you may receive a prompt when pasting into the editor to remove formatting from MS Word. I would suggest accepting this prompt and allowing InstantKB to clean up formatting. 

Please let me know if this helps you get your existing migrated articles working. 

Also depending on the trust level of your application InstantKB will use a different PDF parser to generate the exported PDF. If your able to run InstantKB under full trust you may see better results with the export to PDF option. By default InstantKB targets medium trust however you can change the trust level via the InstantKB web.config file. You will need to add a <trust level="Full"> element within the <system.web> element like so...

  <trust level="Full"/>

Again this is completely optional but you may see better results with the Export To PDF feature. 

If I can assist further of course please don't hesitate to respond,
Kindest Regards,

Ryan Healey
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