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I have a client that is interested in implementing InstantForum.Net is Microsoft's Azure Web Role with the database in SQL Azure. I did some preliminary research regarding SQL Azure and there are a few basic changes that need to be done with the DB setup script in order to have it work. I haven't looked at the source code to see how it will work with the web role but I was curious to see if anyone has attempted this type of installation before. Also would InstantASP be interested in hearing how it goes (if I'm in untrodden territory) - we may fall back to a more traditional IaaS install if the path doesn't look to clean or if changes would cut us off from upgrades.


InstantForum Question

Hi Brian,

I hope your very well. Thank you for your post.

I'm delighted to hear you didn't run into to many issues converting our installation script to support Azure. We are also looking to provide Azure support for our 2013 update. Your quite right with regards to some of the locking hints. Another thing we found was to of course also update any GetDate() as shown here...

We will be adding official support for Azure with our 2013 update.
Also you mention PaaS support. We did take our first steps in this direction with our 2012 update adding a basic read only web services layer that returns json for key database tables. We already use these web services to populate many of the panels / areas within the forum interface however we are far from complete.

Our priority over the coming releases will be to move to a more REST based architecture. We will be improving our current services overtime to support full CRUD operations using oauth. As we develop our services we will of course leverage these within our own software.
These rest end points along with Azure support should ensure great scalability without the need for expensive load balancing hardware. It will also allow developers to easily consume our data regardless of the technology they choose.

Please certainly keep us posted on your progress. If we can assist with anything based on what we've learnt from our early Azure migrations please don't hesitate to respond.

Edit: Full Windows Azure Web App Support has since been added.
Kindest Regards,

Ryan Healey
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