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Hey guys, we recently deployed InstantForum 2012 and we're not seeing the mobile switching mechanism on iOS or Android devices as we'd expect.

I couldn't find anything in the way of documentation, and the only solution I could find requires a developer license to achieve which was here, and we're just on a normal non-developer license.

We're running the proper unmodified InstantASP skin.

Are we missing something configuration wise to enable this?

InstantForum Question

Hey guys, I managed to figure this out!

Turns out the 51Degrees DLL that's distributed with our version of IF 2012 didn't include proper switching for Nexus 7 and iOS5 devices.

I resolved it by downloading the latest release of the DLL from here:

And replacing the one found within my InstantForum2012\Bin folder.

We're now getting proper switching across newer iOS and Android devices.


Sorry, last post was the wrong link, this was the DLL download:

Browse to NET4\bin\ and replace the DLL in InstantForum2012\Bin\

I just wanted to confirm this will be resolved very soon with our next update. We've made a number of improvements to make things better on iOS6 and JellyBean as well as updated the default 51degrees database.

Thank you for your feedback here. it was very helpful,

Edit: This issue has since been resolved within newer versions of InstantForum.
Kindest Regards,

Ryan Healey
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