IE10 Not Logging In?

InstantForum Problem
Hi There,

Trying to log in to your new site layout today on Windows 8 with IE 10. I would enter the correct UID and Pass, hit log in and the page would refresh and show me as not logged in. I was able to login using Chrome but not IE10?.
InstantForum Problem

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one using IE10. I've had the same problem, but this morning it worked fine. I can read multiple page threads but I can only access the first page of threads in a forum and then only in desktop mode. Desktop mode has no access to PM's or any users profile. Mobile mode can't access any forums or messages.

It is working this morning for me too which is odd. I am not running in desktop mode though.

In mobile mode I get, see below, and then the spinning circles.

message from webpage

Could not locate HTML table to render JSON data


Hi Eddy,

I hope your very well. I’m sincerely sorry to hear of this. Do you have any nested tables on the page that shows this error? Could you let me know which page you see this on. Is this your homepage?
Kindest Regards,

Ryan Healey
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