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i have some problems with the translation / globalization option. (instantforum 2012)

1) I have made a copy of the folder en-US and named it nl-NL and change the file Language.xml. When i changed the default language to Dutch, the resources.xml is still loaded from the en-US folder, but the months.xml is loaded from the nl-NL folder (with the translations).

2) To continue working on the translation i make a copy of the Resources.xml in the en-US folder, and work on the translation of Resources.xml.
i have changed everywhere 'Search Forums' to 'Zoek binnen alle forums', with no effect.. and there are more items that I can't translate.
But there are also items that have no problem showing the dutch language when changed in the resources.xml.

I hope somebody can assist me with this issue.

Kind Regards,
InstantForum Question

step bystep... the label Search Forums had been translated.
But... i still having problems with other labels.. see attached images.
For example, the search page - advanced options and the labels in the right topmenu (latest post and popular topics)

How can i fix this?

Kind regards,


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