All InstantForum links use HTTPS all of a sudden?

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Not sure why, but recently my forum (2010-4 version) has it's links (like the login link, links to forum, etc) all pointing to https....Far as I can tell, it was always http - we don't have our license setup for https, so all our users are getting:

InstantForum.NET Domain License, Not Found!
The domain license for InstantForum.NET installed at "" could not be obtained from the InstantASP activation server.

Why did this happen? And more importantly, how can I fix it??? Currently the forum is not usable and is down.


Thanks for any info.
InstantForum Question

Actually I fixed this problem - but still don't know what caused it - maybe this will help someone else...

In the general setting for application path, I entered the forum URL (with http) and restarted the forum. Poof - it worked and the links were no longer looking for https....

It's weird though - I never had this setting filled in before, and it's been working for years.

InstantASP Update: Thanks David. To ensure HTTPS we would suggest as you've done hard coding the application URL with HTTPS within the General Settings. This ensures if users come in over HTTP all resources (CSS, JS) will still be loaded over HTTPs and all links will include HTTPS.

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