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We have configured InstantKB to default to "Admin Approval" when members register. Is there a way to see a list of Members that are "Awaiting Activation"? I thought maybe clicking the "Awaiting Activation" link under the Admin CP would but it just displays all members. There must be a way to see a list of users that need to be activated.

Is it also possible for the admin to receive an email when a new member registers?


InstantKB Question

Hi Spencer,

I hope your very well. The awaiting activation link within the Admin CP will show all users who belong to the Awaiting Activation member group. Even if the member belongs to this group as a secondary member group. I believe this is working but as your approved members still belong to the awaiting activation group they are showing up under this page.

We will be changing this so we only filter based on the primary member group which should ensure only those members who are actually awaiting activation are shown.

> Is it also possible for the admin to receive an email when a new member registers?

If you are using the Admin Approval option InstantKB will send an email to the email address defined within the Admin CP > Settings > General > Application Email text box when a new member registers with a link to the members profile so you can approve them.

If you are not using the Admin Approval registration method you could also add a BCC to the confirmation email sent to the user.

For example within Globalizaiton/en-US/Emails.xml you could add your email to the BCC element of the email template sent to users. For example....

<!-- ********************************************************************************************** -->
<!-- User Account Activation Email -->
<!-- ********************************************************************************************** -->

<email templateid="AccountActivation" priority="High">
<subject>[ApplicationName] - Account Confirmation Required!</subject>
<body>Hi [RecipientUsername],

You will need to click the link below to activate your account...


You may need to manually copy &amp; paste the URL into the address bar of your browser if the text above is not linked. Please watch for the URL wrapping onto 2 lines.

If you lose this email you can request the validation email be resent at [PathsSendValidationCode]

Once you have activated your account by clicking the link above you can you can login at anytime by clicking the link below.


If you forget your password you can have this resent to your email address at [PathsForgotPassword]



I hope this helps. Please don't hesitate to respond if we can assist further,

Kindest Regards,

Ryan Healey

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