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Has anyone gone down this rabbit hole and extracted data from Moxies' KnowledgeBase Software(the name has change a lot over the years) however it uses Autonomy(HP, from the latest acquisition) IDOL as the underlying technology to for indexing the information. I know there are ways to create backups of the IDOL indexes however they are not exactly formatted very nicely (XML) to be imported elsewhere other than IDOL its self. If anyone had done so please let me know or if the answer is simply <b>type it all back in!</b>.

InstantKB Question

Hi Jeremiah, 

Unforuntitly I don't think we have any customers that have migrated data from the Moxies' system.

Te IDOL platform offered by HP is a indexing service for unstrucutured data. This is not a relational database so i'm a little unsure if IDOL is actually powering your underlaying knowledgebae data (categories, users etc) or if this is simply used for your search area to search across all your indexed documents. 

I've resarched the Moxies system but could not identify which database they use. Do you know the programming language used for the Moxies' system or can you provide a link to your existing system here so I can determine this. Knowing the programming language should allow us to narrow down the database.  Once we know the database I can provide further information on the possible migration options.

We are hoping to introduce import and export features soon,. Whilst I don't think these improvements will make it into our next InstantKB 2014 update we do have a number of ideas we want to implement to make it much easier for customers to import and export content within InstantKB.

I look forward to your response Jeremiah and assisting further with any questions,

Kindest Regards,

Ryan Healey

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Moxie stores all of its information in IDOL. It builds an index of all the information and stores in the engines folder structure. The functionality that is possible by using IDOL is immense however with the technology comes an immense price tag. The price of Moxie is driven by the licensing that is required for use of the IDOL engine. Unless you have worked with the IDOL platform before it is hard to describe and took months of training to learn how to use it.


Update: We worked with InstantASP to resolve this via email. 

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