List of Articles in a Category (InstantKB2011-2)

When viewing the Knowledge Base if I click on a category with multiple articles it doesn't display a list of those articles. It only displays the latest article added or modified in that category. I looked through the preferences and settings but wasn't able to find an option to change this behavior.

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Hi Fridge2k,

I hope your very well. I'm sincerely sorry for my delay responding. Things have been exteremly busy here recently getting 2013-1 and our new web site ready for launch.

It sounds you've enabled the split view for the tab that the article si contained within. The split view works similar to our documentation site and only displays a single article on the right when you click a category on the left.

To resolve this you'll need to login to your InstantKB Admin Control Panel and click on Manage Custom Tabs in the navigation bar on the left. Edit your tab that the article is contained within and ensure the "Split Tab" option is set to No. If this is set to no you can add multiple articles to a single category and all these articles will appear on the right when you click the category within the tree view. I hope this helps point you in the right direction. If I can assist further please don't hesitate to respond,
Kindest Regards,

Ryan Healey
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That worked! Thanks for your help on this

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