Disable login for the anonymous user and now cannot log in as admin!

InstantKB Problem
I was not so bright and disabled the login for the link on the page for an anonymous user can anyone tell me how to fix this!

InstantKB Problem

I figured out how to fix this issue! 

Warning nothing that I say here should make me liable for any changes you make to your environment as this is a direct DB change on the back-end. 

1. BACKUP your SQLServer Database! (Should be done without anything being said but you may need to restore back if you make an incorrect change)
2. Open your instance of SQL Server Management Studio (if you installed the express version you need to download the SQLServerExpress with Tools, management studio does not install "out of the box" with the basic version of SQLServerExpress)
3. Locate the following table "dbo.InstantKB_Settings", right-click and choose "Select top 1000 Rows"
4. Locate the Row (Should be the row with the SettingID = 4) with a value of "AdminSettings_RegistrationLogin" for the column SettingText
5. Copy out the value that is stored for this item in the SettingsXML column.
6. Once copied you should come across the following attribute in the XML "......<setting name="EnableLogin" value="0" />
    NOTE: Obviously if you don't see this you have pulled the wrong information out but if the value is equal to "1" you have a different issue going on.
7. Now that you have identified this attribute in the xml we need to edit the top 200 rows by right-clicking on the DB and choosing "Edit Top 200 Rows"
8. Make the change from "0" to "1" and save the changes to the table.

Now you should be able to log back into the system and you can remove the copy of your DB that you made previously (you may want to create a back up of the DB as it stands now in case you make another change because restoring may be quicker than tracking down the issue in the DB :) )

I hope this helps and you are back up and running!

Hi Jeremiah,

I hope your very well. As you know we assisted with this issue via email a few days back. I'm sorry for my delay responding here within the community.

I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to post and sharing this information for others. I also wanted to add my thoughts and provide a little background for the benefit of others. We provide the option within InstantKB to disable the login page. This is helpful if you are integrating InstantKB into an existing authentication system (for example your web site). However if you accidentally disable the login page through the Admin Control Panel and logout this will of course mean you can't login again through InstantKB.

The only way around this currently is to either follow the steps kindly detailed by Jeremiah above. If you don't mind losing the various settings you set on the InstantKB > Admin CP > Settings > Registration & Login page you can also simply run the SQL bellow against your InstantKB database to clear these settings.

UPDATE InstantKB_Settings
SET SettingsXML = ''
WHERE SettingText='AdminSettings_RegistrationLogin'

Note: This will clear all registration & login settings. It won't clear other settings only those set on the Registration & Login settings page.

Once you've ran this script you'll need to recycle the application pool. You can do this directly through IIS or by touching the web.config. Once the application pool have been recycled or you've waited a few minutes you should see the login link appear again. Once logged in you'll need to visit the InstantKB > Admin CP > Settings > Registration & Login page and reapply any specific settings.

Thank again for posting Jeremiah. It's great to see people posting here I'm only sorry it's taken me so long to respond on this occasion.

If I can assist further please don't hesitate to respond here or shoot me an email.

Kindest Regards,

Ryan Healey

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