Has anyone gotten the forum to share authentication with other apps?

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Has anyone been able to setup the forum to share it's login and authentication with another app?
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Hi Eagle,

Thank you for your post. Sorry for my delay respodning. This is very possible. If your existing application uses ASP.NET forms authenticfaiton this is actually quite a simple process.

We have a number of articles that may help with this...
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When sharing authenticaiton between your existing ASP.NET forms authenticaiton application you should ensure both applications are running exactly the same .NET version and should ensure both web.config files have identical <forms> and <machineKey> elements.

If your not using ASP.NET forms authenticaiton and use a bespoke authenticaiton mechnisum please don't hesitate to respond as it may still be possible.

If you use session state to manage authenticaiton on your own web site it can be tricky to share session state across multiple web applications or web sites within IIS. The best approach in this scnario would be to create a valid forms authenitcaiton ticket on the client during your authentication process which can then be accessed by the forum. You should of course also ensure the users information is added to the InstantForum user tables during your registrastion process. If your using ASP.NET you can use our API to create the user.

I hope this information helps. If I can assist further with anything please don't hesitate to respond,

Kindest Regards,

Ryan Healey

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