Add GUI for editing Terms and Conditions

InstantForum Suggestion
Editing the Terms and Condition via an xml file can be a bit hard to do, it would be nice to have a GUI element to do this.
InstantForum Suggestion

Just a little bump to put this back in your radar. This would be great addition to your software for non-programmers and even programmers that just don't want to edit an XML file for things like this.

Update From InstantASP: This request has been added to our feature tracking tool. Whilst we could easily add a simple GUI for editing the T&C text we do need to consider this text can be localized depending on the language you've set for your board or the language the user has selected - this is why the text is located within the language pack. We would prefer to develop a more fully featured GUI within the Admin CP that allows you to easily customize create, edit, search & compare language packs. We will hopefully have further news on this in the near future. Thank you so much for your suggestion Eagle.  Ryan.

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