Error when using spell check within InstantForum Admin CP

InstantForum Problem
I tried to spell check the Description of a new forum I was trying to add but when I click on "Check Spelling" I get the a yellow error bar stating "There was a problem. Error: SyntaxError: Invalid Character" and when I click "View Details" I get "Sorry. Further details are not available. The server did not return a response." The text I am trying to spell check is "News from the Final Fantasy universe and Final Fantasy"

In this post I can hit the Check Spelling button and it works fine on this forum but not on mine.

InstantASP Update: We worked with the customer to provide a hot-fix for this problem and this issue has since been resolved within newer InstantForum releases. For these reasons this topic will be closed. If you experience a similar issue of course please don't hesitae to start a new topic here within our forums. 
InstantForum Problem

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