AdminSynchronizeCountForumCountsLastPostInfo.aspx does not exist

InstantForum 2013. Checking if synchronization features run as expected, I get a HTTP 404 error on click on every button from AdminSynchronizeCounts.aspx

La ressource est introuvable.
Description : HTTP 404. La ressource recherchée (ou l'une de ses dépendances) a peut-être été supprimée ou renommée ou bien elle n'est plus disponible temporairement. Vérifiez l'URL ci-après et assurez-vous qu'elle est correcte.
URL demandée: /Admin/AdminSynchronizeCountForumCountsLastPostInfo.aspx
Informations sur la version : Version Microsoft .NET Framework :4.0.30319; Version ASP.NET :4.0.30319.33440

7 Years Ago by Eddy Lucast
InstantForum Problem

I just wanted to confirm this has been resolved with 2013-2. I'm sincerely sorry for the trouble.  Our 2013-2 release is still in private beta (we are also running this update here). If you email me directly on or use our contact forum I'd be delighted to send you the 2013-2 update. If your able to wait a little longer this will be released in the coming days.

Please don't hesitate to respond here or email me directly if I can assist further with this issue,

UPDATE: This topic has since been closed as this issue was resolved. If we can assist further don't hesitate to start a new topic here within our forum.
Kindest Regards,

Ryan Healey
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