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InstantForum Question
I currently have both the Forum and KB running on a single server. They are static IP address URLs.

My issue is when I login to the KB and then try and login to the Forum the KB automatically logs me out and vice versa.
Im sure it has something to do with authentication and cookie handling but I don't know where to start trying to fix this
so I can be logged into both sites concurrently.

Can someone suggest a solution for this issue ?

Thanks !

InstantForum Question

InstantASP has some nice single sign on (SSO) documentation...

If this does not help I'd post again or open a support ticket

InstantASP Update: Thanks for posting Eddy. The issue the original poster describes sounds like both applications are installed on the same top level domain and have the same cookie name. The cookie is created in the KB when you login however you then visit the forum. The forum tries to use that cookie but does not find a matching user in the forum database so deletes the cookie. If the user exists in both the InstantForum & InstantKB database this should not happen. 

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