InstantForum Paging, last page not showing?

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Hi There.

We have a topic there are 12 pages, but only 1 - 5 show and there is no quick way to get to the last page?

InstantForum Question

whoops sorry. meant to post this in instant forum area

Hi Bryan,

Great post. We've added a jump to first and last page within 2014 to all key paging controls. We've also improved the jump to post menu.

You can see a few examples below...

First & Last Page

Our 2014 BETA 2 release is ready for production and we would of course be happy to help you upgrade. If you would like to try this don't hesitate to respond or email me directly on

You can read a little more about our latest BETA 2 release here...

I look forward to hearing from you Bryan :)

UPDATE: This feature has been added so this topic is being closed. If we can assist further of course don't hesitate to start a new topic.
Kindest Regards,

Ryan Healey
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