How do you display the topic titles

Instead of who created the thread? Admin settings?
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Thanks for your post Eddy. Where do you mean sorry? Are you referring to emails or within the UI?

P.S. The posting issue in the mobile skin should be resolved now so I think we are now ready to go live :)
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Ryan Healey
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It's looking good today, previously instead of seeing the list of topics, I only saw the posters name and a date. You had to open the thread to see its title

This is related to the desktop skin on my phone, I don't see the topics column, just who created the thread. It make it very confusing.

Hi Eddy,

Many thanks for your post. I hope your well. 

I believe this is due to the fact Windows Phone 8.1 is not being detected as a mobile OS in 2014 so you don't see the mobile skin automatically by default on Windows Phone 8.1. Instead you see our desktop skin which will hide certain columns to fit everything on screen depending on your screen size. 

In the next update which available soon we'll be ensuring phone 8.1 is detected as a mobile OS (so gets the mobiles skin by default) and we'll also be making a few improvements to the desktop responsive skin so you can see te author name on the desktop skin regardless of screen size. 

We've also got some nice improvements around media coming soon which i thin will interest you :)

If you have any further issues Eddy please don't hesitate to respond. We will of course update your site once the 2014-2 release is ready and we'll confirm via email.
Kindest Regards,

Ryan Healey
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