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I do not see a button that resets a post if it is not spam.

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Hi Bryan,

Thanks for your post. I hope your well. 

As a moderator you just approve the post.  Posts that are detected as spam are simply queued / hidden automatically and are only ever visible to moderators of the forum. If you see a false positive you can simply approve the post using the moderation tools.  

If your seeing lots of false positives you can set the "Skip StopForumSpam.com Checks When Posting" within the Admin CP > Forum Settings page to a trusted reputation level. This ensures once users reach the reputation level you set the forum will no longer check those users against the StopForumSpam API on every new post.  

I hope I've understood correctly Bryan. If I can assist further don't hesitate to respond, 

Kindest Regards,

Ryan Healey

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