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I have a key with stopforum and I have set the threshold for them. But I do not see any of the spammer bots that hit, and they do hit, going into the stopforum service. I have set it to send me an email for approval, I do not get those. 
Am I doing something wrong with the set up? 
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Hi Bryan,

Thank you for your post. I hope your well. I would suggest for now setting the appearance threshold to 0 within the Admin CP. This will ensure if the posters username, email address or IP address appears one or more times within the StopForumSpam database the post or user registration will be flagged as spam. 

It could be currently if you've set the "Appearance Threshold" to 1 for example maybe the spammers username does not appear within the StopForumSpam database but maybe the IP address and / or email address do appear. In this instance as the username does not appear within the StopForumSpam database the post or user registration would go through.  All 3 details (username, email & IP) need to appear within the StopForumSpam database if you set the Appearance Threshold to 1. If you set this to 0 if only one detail appears within the StopForumSpam database the post or user registration will be flagged as SPAM. 

If a user registration is flagged as spam as they've chosen a username, email address or are from an IP address that already exits within the StopForumSpam database the option you've specified within the "Spam Registration Action" on the Forum Settings page within the Admin CP will take effect. For example if you choose "Admin Approval + Email" any registration that is detected as spam will generate an email informing of the SPAM registration (the email makes it clear the registration was detected as SPAM and to review carefully) with a link to review the new user account. This email will be sent to the email address shown within the "Spam Registration Action" drop down list or set within the Admin CP > General Settings > Application Email field.

I'm confident this email is working as we've seen a few from our own forums here. 

It's also easy to test registrations are being caught as SPAM  by using an email address or username that already appears on the StopForumSpam homepage during registration within your forum. Depending on the Spam Registration Action you have defined you should see this take effect when you try and register with an email address or username shown on the StopForumSpam homepage.  I'd be happy to take a closer look if you wish?

We are continuing to improve the StopForumSpam integration and for the 2014-2 release (due soon) we've introduced a new dialog that shows further information from StopForumSpam for the user including how many times the email, username or IP appears. This can be helpful if a genuine user is being flagged as a spammer (they may have chosen a username similar to that used by a spammers). We are also adding greater control for the appearance threshold so you can configure the appearance threshold for the email, username and IP separately. 

I hope something here points you in the right direction Bryan. I look forward to your response and assisting further,
Kindest Regards,

Ryan Healey
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