Hiding the Login & Register links within InstantForum

Hey all,
I'm trying to get rid of the login and register links for the Forums, but am having difficulty doing that. We have a single sign on feature that integrates our forum with our portal and we don't want users just going to the forums without first logging into our portal. The instances of the links seem to reside in the\InstantForum2010\Skins\Classic\Controls\mainnavigation.ascx, but removing those links in this file throws a 500 server error. Any help would be appreciated.

UPDATE: This was resolved with the help of InstantASP. You can hide the login or register links either via the Admin CP > Login & Registration page or by editing the hypLogin & hypRegister <InstantASP:HyperLink/> controls within the Skins/{YourSkin}/MasterPage.Master.
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