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I'm sure Ryan will have something to add but theres a mobile skin for your smart phones web browser. When you open InstantForum in your web browser it detects your phone OS and displays the site in the mobile skin.
6 Years Ago by Eddy Lucast

Hi Iamtanjohnson,

You can try the mobile skin here on your desktop computer...

Or point your mobile device to our own forums here or our demo forums you should see the mobile skin. 

We used the jQuery mobile UI for the mobile skin to provide a semi-native feel and ensure the widest possible support. For mobile browser detection we use the open source 51degrees definition files.  

We are far from complete with our mobile experience and will be improving this further in our forthcoming 2015 update. 

I hope this helps. If I can assist further of course don't hesitate to respond, 

Thanks for your input Eddy :)
Kindest Regards,

Ryan Healey
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