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Do you want to see a REST API within InstantForum?

Let's discuss here and help make this happen. 

InstantForum Suggestion

Thanks Robert,

I know we've spoke about this previously via tickets however I just wanted to post here so others are aware of what we are working on.

We are already working on a JSON based REST API for both InstantForum and InstantKB that will provide full CRUD capabilities on all key tables. We don't have a firm date for this just yet but I can say it's a top priority as we want to allow for easier integrations into other 3rd party services going forward.

We are already very familiar with developing REST APIs & ASP.NET WebAPI so we don't need to learn anything new which will speed things up.

We developed a comprehensive REST API for our task management product wuudo last year. You can learn more about the wuudo REST API here...

I'm linking this documentation as our InstantForum & InstantKB REST APIs will likely work very similar to wuudo. If you have any objections or suggestions of course please don't hesitate to respond here. I'll keep this topic updated as we make progress,
Kindest Regards,

Ryan Healey
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