Adding @username mentions in posts?

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Is this possible? If not can we request this :)
InstantForum Suggestion

Not at the moment I'm afraid Robert. @mentions are on the list.

We'll be adding a new notification menu soon (similar to the new message menu introduced in 2015) .

This notification menu are will show several things...

1. New posts from people you are following
2. New posts from forums & topics you are subscribed to
3. New posts where you've been @mentioned

We'll also be adding an option so you can receive an email whenever someone mentions you within a post.

Within the editor we'll be adding auto-complete capabilities so as you type a "@" character and a few additional characters we'll suggest usernames from the community to ensure there are no typos.

If you have any further suggestions on how you'd like to see this work please don't hesitate to respond.
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Ryan Healey
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